Conservation Technician position at the IMA

The conservation department at the Indianapolis Museum of Art is seeking candidates for the position of Conservation Technician I, Textiles and Modern Materials. This position will support the ongoing activities in Textile Conservation, Objects & Variable Art Conservation, and the Curatorial Department in the care of textiles and modern materials. This is a fulltime position which includes benefits. A more detailed job description including information on how to apply can be found at:

For additional information about this employment opportunity contact:

Amanda Holden
Associate Conservator of Textiles

Laura Kubick
Assistant Conservator of Objects and Variable Art

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2 Responses to Conservation Technician position at the IMA

  1. sp change 2 technician plz and PS where is the members list I am supposed 2 B able 2 C?

    • seryphs says:

      Hi Jennifer– sorry for the delay in updating the post. I’ve got it fixed now! In the past, the members list has been released as a pdf document by the Secretary. Members didn’t want their contact info to be on the website. If this is something that was discussed at the meeting in Minneapolis, I missed it. I will ask Suzanne about it.


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