A2 Parking – Click To See Larger

The Kelsey Museum does not have its own parking lot, but plenty of parking is available in the surrounding area.  See the map at right.

Parking Structures are marked in pale blue.

The Maynard Street Structure (# 1) is the closest to the Kelsey Museum (about 2 blocks away).
Address: 324 Maynard Street.
Rates: $1.20 / hour; free on Sundays.

The Liberty Square Structure (# 2) is the next closest (~4 blocks).
Address: 510 E. Washington St.
Rates: $1.20 / hour; $3.00 for all day on Saturdays; free on Sunday.

Surface Parking lots are marked in pale green. Rates vary.

Public parking meters are available on most streets. These are enforced Monday through Saturday, 8am-6pm.  Cost is $1.60/hour, with a two-hour time limit per spot.  Free on evenings and Sundays.


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