News from the Objects Lab of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Starting in June, Objects Conservators Samantha Springer and Colleen Snyder will be welcoming Sam Owens (WUDPAC 2017) for a summer internship focused on Modern and Contemporary artwork. She will be assisting and participating in several Contemporary art installations, including an artist interview, as well as maintenance of the outdoor sculpture, including a recent Jim Hodges acquisition.

In February, Samantha and Colleen finished the installation of an exhibition titled Senufo: Art and Identity of West Africa (, which involved remounting and examining almost 200 works of art. The exhibition will travel to St. Louis in June if you don’t catch it in Cleveland.

Colleen and Samantha have also started collaborating on 3D scanning projects with staff from think[box], an innovation center and fabrication tool library in the engineering department at Case Western Reserve University. In the spring an X-radiography workshop will take Samantha to Toronto with CMA Conservation Photographer, Joan Neubecker. Also in the spring Colleen is looking forward to the fruition of work towards installation of several important German polychrome sculptures.

Object and Environmental Conservation Technician Chris Bruns has been busy carrying out Oddy and sodium azide materials testing, environmental monitoring, IPM, and cleaning and rehousing the museum’s collection of American sculpture.

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