Workshop Announcement

WORKSHOP –  Image Permanence Institute: Preservation of Digitally Printed Materials for Museums, Libraries, and Archives

Location: Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC) – Minneapolis

Dates: April 19 – 21, 2016 (Tues – Thurs).

Title: Preservation of Digitally Printed Materials for Museums, Libraries, and Archives

Brief Course Description: Identifying and caring for the digitally printed objects in collections can be a challenging task. This workshop will provide an overview of the history, technologies, and materials used in digital printing in order to give the students the knowledge and skills they need to identify and preserve the most common digital print types: inkjet, electrophotography, and dye sublimation. Practice with real examples of each process will result in a better understanding of what will be encountered including the variety of possible printed formats such as photographs, books, manuscripts, ephemera, fine art, etc. The class will also review how modern digital prints compare with the traditional prints like offset lithography and traditional color photography in order to provide a benchmark for predicting digital print stability and implementing care. The vulnerabilities of each type of digital print will be covered so that each can be stored, handled, and displayed safely.

Topics for the Digital Print Preservation Workshop include:

  • What is a digital print?
  • The history of digital printing
  • The technologies and materials behind the most popular digital printing devices
  • The variety of digital print formats
  • Advanced digital print identification
  • Signs of deterioration
  • Suggestions for naming conventions
  • Recommended best practices for storage, display, handling, and enclosure selection
  • Additional resources to supplement and complement the classroom experiences

Instructor Bio: Daniel Burge, Senior Research Scientist, has been at the Image Permanence Institute for over 20 years. He has worked with multiple preservation audiences including cultural heritage collection care specialists; manufacturers of imaging products, photo storage suppliers, professional picture framers, as well as the general public. He currently heads IPI’s research into the preservation of digitally printed materials.

The cost is free, however class size is extremely limited and preference will be given to conservation professionals.

TO REGISTER, PLEASE CONTACT MACC (Midwest Art Conservation Center) at 612-870-3120 or

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