Carpooling to and from Cincinnati

Go green and network at the same time! Use our handy carpool organizer at the link below. No login required!

Drivers:  Add your city and state and the dates you will be driving (specify departure time if you can, or leave at the default 12 a.m. if it’s negotiable). You do not need to list your address or phone number! Use the notes field for details like “I can pick you up” or “I am driving through Columbus, OH”. Uncheck a blue box if you can only take passengers one way.

Passengers: Add your info to the wait list section. Your name will appear in the column on the right.

To move a passenger to and from a car, mouse over the name so that the little 4-arrow move icon appears to the left, then click and drag the icon to the desired car or the waitlist corner. Once you have made a connection you can use the contact information to coordinate with each other.

Email us at if you need assistance.