Internship Posting – The Henry Ford, Dearborn MI

Graduate Conservation Internship. Battery Collections at The Henry Ford, Dearborn MI.

The Henry Ford’s Simmons Internship Program is for current graduate students pursuing careers in museums, historical agencies, conservation labs, or related fields. This internship provides participants with a great opportunity to gain in-depth work experience in a major American history museum.

Project description: The Henry Ford has large collections holdings in early electrical and industrial devices, including experimental objects from the labs of both Edison and Westinghouse (Tesla). Currently we hold hundreds of old batteries of all types in a number of storage areas. These batteries pose a potential hazard while at the same time having great historical interest.

The Henry Ford is seeking a Conservation Intern to research safe storage recommendations for batteries of all kinds and to experiment with treatment protocols that would stabilize actively deteriorating batteries.

We are seeking a very motivated candidate with extensive coursework in chemistry and/or physics, with excellent research and writing skills who can work in dirty and dusty storage environments.

The successful candidate will work under the direction of the Senior Conservator to:

Develop a working knowledge of the history of batteries through major publications, online resources and study of the collection.

Assist with an inventory of existing batteries in storage at The Henry Ford.

Compile a chart of all battery types and recommend appropriate mitigation treatments for long-term storage, including appropriate housing and environmental controls.

Stipend and Terms of Internship: Simmons interns are awarded stipends for a minimum 12-week full time internship. Starting and ending dates for individual internships are negotiable.

Applications should include: A résumé and a letter of application, stating how your graduate studies, work and/or volunteer experience and personal interests qualify you for the specific project.

Two letters of recommendation regarding your qualifications for the internship, submitted directly by the authors.

The deadline for application is Friday, March 10 (postmarked or emailed by 11:59 PM EST).

Please submit inquiries, letter of application, résumé and letters of recommendation to:

Saige Jedele, Simmons Internship Coordinator

The Henry Ford

20900 Oakwood Blvd

Dearborn, MI 48124-5029

Questions about the conservation internship can be directed to:

Clara Deck, Senior Conservator, The Henry Ford


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