Call for papers for the 2017 Symposium

Planning for the fall meeting in Cincinnati, the Queen City of the West, is well underway, and we are hoping to see you here in October. Details about the meeting location and hotel can be found here.

We will hear presentations Saturday, October 14 and Sunday morning, October 15 after the business meeting. This is your chance to share your experiences with your colleagues.  As in the past, we welcome topics from all specialties and on any aspect of your work. Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes. Additional time will be reserved for questions. If we are able we will allow time for tips, so even if you don’t have enough to share to fill the entire 20 minutes, please submit a proposal.

Please send a brief abstract (maximum 300 words) including the title of your talk, your name and contact information, and associated institution to by September 1.

Your Co-Presidents,

Betsy Allaire & Cecile Mear


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