Participate in the AIC Symposium on the use of leather in book conservation

Be part of the first AIC symposium devoted to the use of leather in Book Conservation!

Tuesday, May 29 • 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, $99 including lunch

Leather has long been used as a repair material for damaged leather bindings. The working properties of historic leathers can be very different than modern ones. In recent years, conservators have begun to employ other materials, such as paper or cast acrylic, as an alternative to leather in book conservation treatments. Tanned animal skins offer less long-term stability and may be more difficult to prepare than other materials, but may also provide better strength and flexibility in a functioning book. Should conservators continue to employ leather using traditional book repair techniques on leather bindings? Should we abandon the use of tanned skins in favor of more chemically stable materials? Do alternative book repair materials really stand up to the mechanical stresses of use?

Be part of the debate and register for the symposium!

For more info and a list of speakers, please see the AIC Annual Meeting page – you don’t have to register for the entire meeting to attend this symposium.

Questions? Contact the symposium chairs:

Marieka Kaye,

Henry Hebert,

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