Venues for the 2018 MRCG Symposium

Saint Louis Art Museum

The Saint Louis Art Museum, founded in 1879, resides at the top of Art Hill in the heart of the city’s famed Forest Park. The museum’s encyclopedic collection of more than 34,000 works includes strong collections in 20th century German art, Turkish rugs, and Oceanic art. The Museum is free to the public, except for special exhibitions—but MRCG Symposium attendees are invited for an exclusive curator-led tour of the special exhibition Graphic Revolution: American Prints 1960 to Now, on Friday afternoon. You are also encouraged to explore during coffee breaks and Sunday afternoon!

Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center

The Missouri Historical Society maintains vast collections of historical documents and resources, including more than a million photographs and prints, over 175,000 historical artifacts, and more than 100,000 books. You can see some of these materials on display at the Missouri History Museum. The Library and Research Center enables historians and genealogists to conduct their research in the sanctuary of a gorgeous former synagogue. They are generously sponsoring our Saturday reception!

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM) is proudly housed in a purpose-built modern structure by architect Brad Cloepfil. The museum maintains an impressive exhibitions schedule, having hosted more than 120 exhibitions since it was founded in 1980 and rotating 6 exhibitions in its Main Gallery per year, all as part of its mission “to create meaningful engagement with the most relevant and innovative art being made today.” Our Friday welcome reception will be held here.

Missouri Botanical Garden Library

The Missouri Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in the United States and a National Historic Landmark. It boasts 79 acres of tended grounds, featuring gardens carefully maintained in the horticultural traditions of cultures around the world, including one of the largest Japanese gardens in North America. The Garden is globally renowned as a center for scientific research, botanical and horticultural study, and environmental conservation. Their Library conservation lab is offering tours to MRCG members on Friday and Sunday!

Watt Restoration

Ellen Watt is a paintings conservator and long-time MRCG member. She is opening up her paintings conservation lab for visits on Friday afternoon. Thanks, Ellen!